Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rainy Day Thursday Cheer

"So softly/Rain against the windows/And the strong coffee/Warming up my fingers/In this fisherman's house..."
-A Fine Frenzy, "You Picked Me"

Woke up to the sweet kiss of rain on concrete, and I knew it was going to be a good day. This in spite of the fact that I woke up with a man voice and Oswald was vomitish (which, in turn, made me vomit). And I have been in a rather cheerful state listening to rain music (real and imagined) and thinking about the The Prayer of St Francis and the Love Chapter. Rain always brings out the best in me, and I've been trying to pray through both of the aforementioned passages. I want that kind of life and that kind of love.

So hurray for the rain and cable knit sweaters and good music and butt warmers in the car (because 46 degrees is way below my natural temperature) and the mist over the changing trees and the happy dance that was Baby Friz this morning and long emails from my husband and learning from lovers of God who have long since gone to be with Him. I think that's sufficient cause for joy.


  1. Yay for happy days of rain and cheer! I think it's just plain cold and dreary here today. It's very cold!!! I get semi-long emails from my husband, it's hard, but we're doing good. Oh how I miss you and your little unborn Alex. I can't wait for him to come into the world! I love you both.

  2. You should not blog about vomiting because that makes your blog just seem like an online diary you want people to read so they can see how awesome you are. And vomiting is not awesome.