Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ode to My Closed Right Nostril

  • orange juice, lots of it.
  • water, lots of it.
  • tissues, taking over my bed.
  • soup, beginning to be a really boring meal.
  • tylenol: sinus (congestion and pain)--you'd better not cause long term issues in my unborn child or I Will Cut You.
  • Oswald: jumping every time I get a new tissue from the box (which is about every 5 minutes), putting his ears back at the loud honking noise that then issues forth from my slightly red schnoz. His life is so hard.
  • JAG, maintaining my sanity. Somewhat.
  • old husband t-shirts, comfortable and comforting.
  • multiple trips to the bathroom since hydrating and pregnancy are not coexisting happily.
  • wanting to reach my hand all the way down my throat and scratch like a mad woman until that itching that kept me up all night STOPS.
  • lived in bed.
  • lips falling off my face in spite of extra moisturizing intensive chapstick.
  • and last, but not least, my right nostril...permanently cemented shut.
I think I'm firing my body. What was it thinking getting sick at a time like this?! Thoughtless, I tell you. Thoughtless!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sister Surprise!

I saw a pair of teal sandals peaking out from behind my middle sister's car... and so began the first annual Sister's Party.

This is my surprised face:

We are so cutely pregnant. Everyone loves pregnant sisters. Especially when we go out and get two large pizzas and two really dumb chick flicks...and no one knows that there's another non-pregnant sister who will help out with the eating and watching.

Somehow Jon got invited along for lunch at Satay Sarinah. Sometimes he acts like my sister... Oh wait...

Just like home.

The timer on Jo's camera was a life saver.

We had to compare belly sizes. My middle sister won.

The somewhat terrifying future of a pregnant A! Her child will have corners! (We're all so proud.)

So yeah. It was a pretty full weekend, as you can tell.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Open Windows

I think I'm a success as a teacher. I've made it through two whole days of school, one of music and the other of library, and only one kid has tried to jump out a window! Sure, it was a third story window, but it might've been an improvement on the class if he'd actually made it out. (The next day there was a tactful note to all the teachers reminding them to keep their windows closed and locked at all times. I made it 24 hours before I got in trouble.) In his defense, maybe he doesn't like music...or maybe he thought my singing voice wasn't quite up to par...or maybe, maybe, he had perfect pitch and we just did him in. The options are endless.

At any rate, it's probably a good thing that the library is on the first floor. That way if one of my kids just absolutely HATES books or thinks that I do a really bad job interpreting the author's intent (Dr. Seuss could go so many different ways) and tries to launch him/herself out the window, they won't have very far to go.