Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jumping Back In

If you're looking for some excellent Christian reads, let me suggest my two latest faves. For your non-fiction perusal (drum roll, please): Nancy Leigh DeMoss's A Place of Quiet Rest! (Loud cheers and applause.) And for those of you who prefer a story line, we present (expectant pause): Amy Rachel Peterson's Perpetua: a Bride, a Martyr, a Passion! (And the crowd goes wild!)

Writing this blog was a lot easier before the cat decided to sit on the computer. Anyway, continuing on...

Both books gave me a lot to think about spiritually, a lot to pray about, really. DeMoss covers a biblical approach to seeking God and breaks down what our pursuit of Him could ultimately look like. Both challenging and encouraging, as at the end of the day I wanted to do more and pursue God further but wasn't kicking myself for not being a spiritual giant or not having enough time for a three hour devotional. DeMoss included several practical suggestions that I'm already implementing in my own quiet time that have been really helpful. If you're wanting more spiritually, I'd definitely suggest this book. Even if you don't necessarily find something "new", I think you'll be encouraged by DeMoss's heart for the Lord as well as the excerpts she included from other mature Christians.

As for Peterson, I found Perpetua to be historically and theologically fascinating. In regards to Christian fiction, this is one of the best reads that I've had in a very long time. Yes, there was a love story, but that wasn't the main focus. Rather, Peterson zeroes in on the love story between Christ and Perpetua and the beauty of the sacrifice we can return to our Lord. I wasn't quite sure how I'd feel reading about a martyr (the title kind of gives away the end of the story, haha), especially one as historically radical as Perpetua was, and the last few chapters (during which Peterson could actually draw on the real life Perpetua's writings) were the weakest literarily, but lots of meat, lots of food for thought. As I was reading, I really had to stop frequently and pray about my own attitude toward Christ, considering what it is that I would give up for Him. Any book that does that is worth the time, I think.

The cat has finally traded my lap in for a patch of sunshine, and I'm going to go put sheets back on the bed. I'm sorry for these long jumps between posts, but I've gotten a bit busier than usual lately. I'm sure things will slow down after the move, and my reading (and blogging) will pick back up when I've traded in flesh and blood society for ink and paper.