Monday, December 28, 2009

early new years--just in case

I really wanted to wait and post this on New Years, but then I realized that I could be stuck in a hospital then, so I should probably just go ahead and post. So here is my fortune cookie thought for the New Year.

How would you feel if in one fortune cookie you received two fortunes, and the first one said:
-You will maintain good health and enjoy life
and then the second one said:
-Your luck has been completely changed today

Do you worry that your luck has been completely changed AFTER the first fortune? Should I be worried that I'm no longer going to maintain good health and enjoy life? I just need to know... How do you balance out the reading of two different fortunes? that arrived in one fortune cookie! And, most importantly, will this effect my new year at all?

What a relief that I don't really believe in fortune cookies and their ability to change the course of a woman's life.

1 comment:

  1. My roommate got this the other day:

    "Try a new hat for a change in looks. Be creative!"

    Another jewel was this:

    "Focus in on the color yellow tomorrow for good luck!"

    - Joseph