Friday, February 19, 2010

Betty Crocker Stuck Her Freaking Fat Finger In My Icing

Today was my sister's birthday. There were a few things that needed to happen for the intense celebratoriness of the day. First, we resolved to be as lazy as possible, which means we never showered or got dressed or did our hair. Consequently, this blog has no pictures of us. Second, Little's cast needed to be decorated, in honour of the birthday girl, of course. And third, a cake needed to be baked. The following pictures ensued. Keep in mind that the camera I've been using for the last two months went back to Indonesia with Mom, so I had to use creative computer camera angles.

First, we dressed Littles in the onesie his aunt gave him. Naturally, it has a turtle on it.

Here's picture numero uno of the cast. Bad lighting.

And a slightly better shot of the Happy Birthday cast (this is cast number three, by the way):

On to pictures of the cake making process! My sister demanded sprinkles. And I obliged. Although it messed with the integrity of my cake.

Littles was such a big helper.

There was a suspicious looking dent in the icing when we opened the jar. We blame Betty Crocker.

The finished product. No mocking, please. I'm really bad at cake decorating, but the candles were fun times! The important thing was that more sprinkles were incorporated.

So yeah. Happy Birthday, oh sister, my sister! Do I get to go to bed now?


  1. aww yay for birthdays and betty crocker!
    why does poor little alex have a cast?

  2. What awesome cast decoration! The cake is pretty cool too. How'd you get that star on top?

  3. You're amazing! I haven't baked anything since Louisa was born. And Alex helps you? Divine!