Saturday, January 14, 2012

Picture Post--I realize these don't happen very often...

I'm pretty sure the doctor was still sewing me up at this point... Welcome to the world, Tiny!
Yes. My boys are the most precious thing ever. And I'm not lying when I say the kiss was spontaneous. Mostly.
He is enamored. And I am loving watching him experience all this for the first time.
Learning to blow out birthday candles is so much fun. He may have had a little help.
Littles is going to open his own lawn care business. I wish he would start in his own back yard though. What was once a summertime dust bowl has become a winter jungle. How is that possible?
One week old and already getting chubby.
Being a superhero is exhausting. Sometimes, at the end of a long day, you just need to kick up your feet on the coffee table, steal your mom's water bottle, and take a load off.
Neni is enjoying all the little boy love. I am enjoying having someone else clean and cook. Littles is enjoying having a live in playmate. Win, win, win.


  1. yay! Wonderful pictures. Congratulations to you guys and welcome to the world baby Tim!

  2. THANK YOU. These picture posts need to happen more often!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I love getting the see the beautiful family God has blessed you with. I'm so happy for you, friend :) Keep the pictures coming!!

  4. You make cute babies. Keep up the good work. ;)