Saturday, May 18, 2013

Brought To You By the Letter "S"

The hundred degree weather has hit already, but with it, a silver lining. The turtles are back in our creek! I realize this may be a weird thing to get excited about, but the boys and I could spend hours on the bridge watching these guys. Going for walks is now again the highlight of our day (it helps that we're not freezing to death in the 20 mph Oklahoma wind--instead, it's a free hair dryer!).

Anyway, you know what one of the best things about having kids is? I realize how much more I should've paid attention in science class. Today, thanks to my smart phone, we learned that our snapping turtle probably enjoys a healthy diet of minnows and crawdads, and that the long fat tail protruding out of his shell is not a sign of advanced age but of gender (he really is a he!).

Anyway, today, just saying thank you for silver linings, summer, snapping turtles, sons, smart phones, and science. And also the Man who got me Mexican food for dinner and is the only reason this blog has a picture--but that kills my alliteration.

PS Our snapping turtle likes us. He would probably like our tasty fingers too, but we won't get close enough to find out.

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  1. I can relate. My boys quit asking me science questions long ago. Now they just ask for my phone :P