Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Quick Frenzy

I'm sitting on the couch having just finished watching the sun set into the Pacific Ocean. From this you can deduce a few things. 1. We are moved in! 2. We unpacked the couch! 3. We have a freaking awesome view!

Tiny is very happy to be home.
Or is he just happy about the chocolate ice cream he just downed?

Actually, we've unpacked a lot more than the couch. We even have pictures on the walls! Sure, the twins' room is still in boxes, but since they're the only ones incapable of whining about it…no one really cares! We're getting to them tomorrow, promise. Mostly because they both hit growth spurts over the last month, and I've got to dig through the boxes and find them clothes that actually fit. Bruiser had an inch of tummy showing with the shirt he was wearing today--and matching bare wrists. That kid knows how to rock a belly shirt.

Bruiser makes the Man's hat look good.

With all that said, it's been a busy few days. Compounded by the fact that the twins decided to add over half a dozen teeth between the two of them over the last few weeks. I may be behind on phone calls and emails and blogs and running and stuff like that, but we've found new playgrounds and taken sunset walks to look for elusive deer and spent time at the beach and checked out the aquarium in town and reinstated Pizza-Smoothie-and-a-Movie night…and moved into a house. So, on the whole, I think we're doing pretty well over here.

Bee has loved every moment of unpacking.
Here she is pretending this box is a rocket ship.
I know. She told me.

With all that said, I mostly wanted to just check in and show you guys a few pictures of the kids before you think we've all fallen off the face of the earth. And also to give you a heads up that there are only a few more days of September left, and do you know what happens in October?

The big boys wish they could drive in real life.
The Man and I are relieved this is still several years away.
Judging by the look on Littles' face here,
speeding tickets are in his future.
My parents come to visit! But that's not that important to you (unless you're my parents, in which case it is an epoch in your life).

Bruiser is so happy in these pictures.
Unfortunately, the happiness doesn't always translate at 2am
when the teething has kicked into full gear.

But for real: October means the start of another 31 Days series, and I do have a plan geared up and ready to go. So get prepared to spend an inordinate amount of time reading scatter brained blogs written in between the chaos as I try to get back in the swing of things over here. And then, if I survive October, maybe I'll just decide to stay on the crazy train and write the next great American novel for NaNoWriMo. Kidding. Even I'm not that insane.

Swinging is Bee's favourite.
Everything is Bee's favourite.
But especially the Man.
So much so that her first word is now officially "Dada".
Closely followed by "yay!"
What happened to "Mama"? Huh?!

And on that note, I'll post this and go get something to eat because all the calories I consumed earlier were already burned up by shoving food in the twins' faces at dinner. Did I mention growth spurt? And teeth? And unpacking? And sun setting into the Pacific? Okay, good. Let's move on.


  1. First, I am very excited that your parents can come visit. Second, those babies are growing like little weeds. WOW! I love the update. Glad you are finding parks. We miss you all like crazy and I want to see a picture of that sunset. Praying so many blessings for all of you.

  2. Hooray for sunset ocean view, empty boxes and pictures on walls! Sounds like an awesome adventure.