Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Done and done and done...ish.

There is nothing quite like that feeling at the end of a long day when everything is finally finished.

The kids are tucked in bed, and sleep is imminent.

Littles and his new garden.
My version of a field trip.

The dishes are washed, the table is wiped, and the floor is swept (however haphazardly).

The toys are picked up except for the loan whiffle ball that seems to have taken up residence in the kitchen. The bathtub has been drained, and the towels hung by their monster hoods on the back of the door. The twenty gazillion cough drops Bruiser exploded all over the master bedroom have been returned to their crinkly ziplock bag.

There are few things more helpful than Bee sitting on clean, damp laundry
...with the dog leash.

The door to the dog's food has been reopened and the door to the kitty litter. The laundry Bee dumped has been refolded and returned to the laundry basket which will double as a chest of drawers for another couple days (let's not get too crazy). The dirty diapers have all made their way to their respective trash cans.

Day one of potty training has gone swimmingly. Cough syrup has been doled out lovingly. Phonics lessons get a check mark for the day.

The twins who ride together stay together.

Everything is done, and the couch awaits, and a very large cup of tea...and maybe some chocolate...and the knowledge that the Man will be home if he ever finishes his paper and he will applaud my awesomeness and it. will. be. so.

Peanut butter and jelly face.

And then I remember...

that Tiny used the baby potty one last time while I was putting the twins in bed, and it needs to be emptied and wiped out. Which isn't a big deal (nowhere near as big a deal as the time he lit a muffin on fire in the microwave during the twins' bed time) until I discover...

that he clogged the big person toilet with what appears to be literally an entire roll of toilet paper.

Yeah, laugh all you like...
{don't judge my bookshelves: the twins are expert rippers}

There's nothing quite like that feeling either.

But I will prevail. I will also get very familiar with our plunger.


  1. Did KK get in the dryer by herself or did she have help? And no it's not surprising that Timtam managed to clog your toilet, it's only surprising how long it took him to come up with the idea. And the other boys are looking good too. Love all the photos.

  2. Had to come back and read it again because I needed to see the babies. :)

  3. The photos are wonderful. Especially the one of Tim looking like his mischievous self. And Alex all grown up in his flower garden- looks great with the chimes! Not to mention the twins riding together. Love you all!