Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happiness Follow Up

When I was staying with one of my favorite aunts before the Man and I got married (she's now the kids' god-Aunt), she and I would make happiness lists on the kitchen chalkboard. Sometimes I like to continue the tradition on my own. It's a good way to get a snapshot of where I am and what I'm finding joy in. Or, as Ann Voskamp would say, it's a good way to count gifts.

I thought I would share today's list with you after the last post about happiness, and maybe (but I'm not holding my breath) you'll come back and share with me a few things that have made you smile lately too.

So for today, happiness is:
  • Littles asking me if I can make "homemade bacon". Did we not just finish reading Charlotte's Web?
  • The Man reading baseball books to the boys on the front porch while the sun dips into the golden bay.
  • The twins' full throated laughter as they play with Blythe. The accidental scratches have not put them off one bit.
  • Curling up in a chair with a cup of coffee and a good book (or two). Summer reading has been derailing the blog. The twins prefer to curl up on the playground with a side of wood chips.
  • Sharing a piece of coconut cream pie.
  • Introducing my kids to favorite friends and discovering that everyone automatically loves everyone else. In an Anne's House of Dreams reference, everyone was just so race of Joseph-y.
  • First hair cuts, even if they had to be retouched when we got home.
  • Beginner piano books for my beginning pianist that are as yet unused. I should probably do something about that.
  • Guerrilla legos. There is danger in the house plants.
  • Smiling tulips and talking snapdragons. 
  • Cats purring in counterpoint. There is a feline symphony in our bed at night.
  • Tiny sleeping in striped, winter gloves and the twins just sleeping period.
There are so many beautiful moments that bring joy if we can only look for them. I rush through them too often and miss them--I'm not talking about actual busyness, but the idea that there's something else (somewhere) that matters more than the simple moments that really define me.

May we remember this weekend that we have no good apart from God, and that there are beautiful gifts overflowing from the cup He has given us if only we are willing to look for them.


  1. Reunion with friends who are family, the wind blowing off the beach in Bali, laughing at your dad's quirkiness, enjoying photos and videos of my grands, rejoicing in the grace of God in our lives and in His unfailing love.

  2. I was definitely smiling a lot while hanging with you guys and also with the Blues before that. And smiling this morning over nasi uduk for breakfast. But also missing you. We should FaceTime sometime before I head out again because that would also make me smile.