Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Update {Only the Fun Stuff}

And by the fun stuff, what I really mean is pictures of the kids. Some of these are old, some of these are new.

This kid has her own unique sense of style
and no problem keeping up with the boys.

Aunt Jo came for a visit--fun for all of us!

We enjoyed cramming everyone in the car together.

Bookstores are the most fun. Right, Tiny?

Mayflower fun on Thanksgiving with the kids' favorite baby.

Neni and Aki stopped in for a bit too.
But before Aunt Jo.
So this picture is REALLY out of place.
Will I move it? NO.

Thanksgiving family photo

This kid cracks me up
and then he brings me flowers.

Bee has the Man wrapped around her little finger.
This is as it should be.

The twins skipped naps on my birthday to help me with my annual watching of Little Women.
It started out well.

And deteriorated quickly.

The boys even deigned to snuggle with me
and watch Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.

Bruiser demonstrating the correct way to kiss a bear.

Neni came back again to help out while I had surgery.
We celebrated my recovery (and subsequent resurrection from the couch)
with frozen yogurt.

Early morning snuggles are the best.
The boys are making their lists of what to take in their backpacks for the move.
Tiny dictated his to Littles.
Littles asked for help spelling.

Introducing the fire team to White Christmas.
Best Saturday morning EVER.

I just like snuggling with this crazy kid.
Then he tries to bite my nose off.
Also, when he kisses me, he kind of looks like a dementor.

Bee left her lovey at church on Sunday.
When they were reunited, she remained like this for the next five minutes.
Reunited, and it feels so good.

Sometimes the waves are heavy;
this doesn't take away from the beauty of the ocean.

I know this is not my usual blog, but I am trying (again) to get back on the horse after several challenging months. Bear with me?


  1. Loved this random glimpse into your everyday - next best thing to being there :)

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  3. This is so fun! The twins cannot be that big!! I cannot wait to see you all.

  4. Great break from the monotony of Brussels Airport. :) Love all the faces. Tell them that Auntie loves them mucho even if I don't get to see them until next year.