Monday, February 29, 2016

Conquering the Unconquerable

That wall on the right was my nemesis. Nails bent going in (and took chunks of wall with them). Screws spun aimlessly while chipping out more and more of what could, potentially, be lead-based paint. Drill bits broke. Adhesives un-adhered--if such a thing is possible.

I growled. I groaned. I, possibly, complained, but only a little bit because there's something in the Bible about that.

And then I got creative (or crazy--I've heard it both ways) and talked the Man into doing a paint night for our Saturday-night-at-home date night. After I manned up and patched the wall, that is. I'm a real adult now!

I spent the next week tweaking and this is what we ended up with.

As has been said before, more eloquently and by people much smarter than I: limitations breed creativity.

Plus, it reminds me of the ocean when it rains, and that makes my currently land-locked self very happy.

To limitations. And really old houses. And date nights at home with husbands who lovingly refrain from telling you that you're absolutely insane. Oh, and to water based paint which wipes right off!


  1. It looks pretty. How soon will that water-based pain wipe right off? If say, a twin, chucks a water cup at it, is it over?

    1. It requires a little elbow grease in addition to the water, but yeah, Bee managed to take a swipe at it with a clorox wipe last week...and now there's an extra foamy spot at the bottom...

    2. Artistic genius starts young in the Friz fam.