Friday, August 27, 2010


Littles and I have been having some fun hang out times lately. This includes early exposure to coffee:

Which, may I say, he took quite well:

I only gave him the best. No Folgers for us, of course. It's important to brainwash at an early age so that I can raise a little coffee snob just like me and the Man. We also made a quick trip to a smurf village. I did make sure to give him the "magical mushrooms" lecture. Just so you know.

We have such a delightful time together...


  1. This is hilarious. And Alex looks like he took the mushroom talk to heart.

  2. I love my baby and miss him too. And I love that you took him to find a Smurf Village. We used to do this when you girls were little. Your dad loved the Cafe Bustello pics.

  3. Micah has not yet discovered mushrooms. We try to keep him away from our coffee. He thinks anything in a mug is good because he has experienced ice cream from a mug.

  4. coffee snobs are the best...I'm partial to them...because I'm one of them :D