Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yes, That's Me: Neighborhood Curiosity

I've made a discovery. And that discovery has enabled me to read this:

and this:

in the space of 48 hours without neglecting my child, husband, or housework. What modern miracle is this? you wonder. Did she hire a maid and a nanny or just buy a multi-purpose robot? I'll let you in on my secret...

I can now read while pushing the stroller.

I'm still looking for a catch phrase to use to sum that up. Stroller-booking? Read-walking? I don't know. But seriously, how awesome is that?! Little man gets crabby, so I chuck him in the stroller, grab my latest easy novel, and we go for a walk. It's a win-win-win. Win: I'm reading. Win: he's happy. Win: I'm being healthy (right?). Last win possibly sabotaged by the half dozen Oreos I just consumed.

On that note, since nap-time is evidently over in the nursery, I'm going to skip my typical waxing eloquent over Madeleine L'Engle (Troubling a Star was lovely), inform you quickly that I thoroughly enjoyed Ridley Pierson's The Academy (and that it was better than the first book of the Steel Trapp series), and go spend some time with my currently rather clingy son.

Maybe we'll "book it" around the block a few times. That was really bad...


  1. I am tempted to stoop to the level of giving audio books a try.

  2. I liked the Academy better too! Of course that was the only one that I read, but it looked more interesting than the first one anyway. Miss taking walks with you, but I'm sure that you'd rather read-walk than talk to me and listen to Alex scream until we take him out of the stroller...fond memories...