Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not Too Far From the Truth

If I were to make a movie about the life of a military wife it would include at least one montage of said wife on the phone trying to get medical bills, legal matters, and other such things taken care of. First, there would be a ridiculously long recorded message as the sun comes up and she proceeds to drink her coffee, fold the laundry, straighten the house, jostle the baby on the hip...you get the picture. Followed by an even longer period of being on hold while listening to patriotic music. Big band will blare the Star Spangled Banner while she showers, eats lunch, runs errands, feeds the cat, gets the oil changed, picks the kids up from school, pulls her son's first tooth, welcomes her husband home from work and serves him a casserole she made from scratch, washes the dishes, reads the goodnight book, and then sits on the back porch to watch the sunset. Finally, as she crawls into bed (phone still attached to her ear), a helpful voice on the other end will tell her that she'll have to be connected to another office.


  1. Oh so true. Here's hoping your next "on hold" time is short.

  2. I totally agree. Though I would add something about the "choose your own adventure" aspect where the wife has a legal matter, so she listens to the long list of options, only to find out option 2 was the best choice. She presses 2. She listens to another long list of possible options, none of which really pertain to her case. She chooses option 3. This continues for several minutes, only leading her back to the first option. She chooses option 1 this time, which is when the Big Band music starts.

  3. And I thought this only happened to me! LOL. So true.