Thursday, August 4, 2011

Old News...Mostly

This was supposed to be a picture post, with awesome shots of our new house, but that would require me to get up and get the camera and take said awesome pictures, and this couch is very (very) comfortable and the cat is curled up next to me, and, yeah, it's just not going to happen. But I have to start blogging again at some point, and that point has arrived! Now if I can only build this into my schedule and make it happen with a little more frequency...

So, here's the big news (that probably everybody knows already):

  • I'm pregnant again! This would've been much more exciting news if we hadn't already told everyone a couple months ago and if we were announcing the gender, which we aren't able to do yet, because we don't know, but will once I finally see a doctor, which leads me to the second announcement.
  • We're in Oklahoma! And all moved in. Well, mostly. There are still empty boxes covering the garage (I'm considering using them to make a maze for Littles to crawl through one day) and the crib isn't put together yet and we're still in need of some furniture to fill the gaping extra half of our living room that is currently holding only the litter box and internet router (so Os can browse the web while nature calls)...but we're here! Speaking of, if you know anyone trying desperately to get rid of a grand piano, we now have space for one. I'm not kidding.
  • And...yep. That's about it. I mean, there's other little stuff like I learned how to use an electric screw driver (I mean for real, not just to screw things into holes that were already there) and the cat got a microchip implanted in him (that was a fun day) and I've started baking everything outside on the patio (just kidding, but it's almost hot enough), and yeah, that's pretty much it.
On that note, I'm considering heading to the kitchen and making something that includes chocolate. Lots of it. This would be easier to achieve if I'd bought chocolate chips at the commissary, but I will prevail!


  1. YES! Welcome back! :) Love you, friend.

  2. hooray!! congratulations and happy nesting! No joke, you get FREE secondhand grand pianos here, the only hitch being you must arrange pickup.....