Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Dog Days

The Dog Deal was ratified, and we now have a new member of the family: Trigger. Alex and Josh are ecstatic. See photographic evidence below.

And yes, I recognize that's not the best picture of the dog, but Little Man's face was just priceless. Eventually, I'll get around to taking a better photo, but this will do for the present.

So far, I feel like dog ownership is like having another toddler. Our newest addition isn't house trained yet, and we've been spending a lot of time cleaning up dog messes and dragging said dog in and out of the house in a vain attempt to get him to go in the yard. Thankfully, tomorrow we get the fence put up, and he can start spending unsupervised and unleashed time not in the house. That being said, he's great with Littles, and he and the cat seem to be tolerating each other. At least for now. Open war will soon be declared because Trigger has started absconding with Oswald's food bowl. The question is: who will win the epic battle of feline versus canine?

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  1. awesome picture! I love Alex's face and he obviously loves his new doggy.