Monday, July 16, 2012

Happiness is a Warm [fill in the blank]

Today I did things that made me happy, in so much as that was possible (I mean, does it make anyone happy to clean up cat barf or pick up a potty-training toddler's poop or find an exploded ink pen in the dryer?). I took time to write on paper with a pen, not the one that exploded in the dryer. I played flute and piano with a little accompaniment from Little and the dog. I made masterpieces of artwork in sidewalk chalk and crayon. I went to the playground with friends. I baked zucchini bread. And midway through the baking of the zucchini bread, about the time when I was grating the titular ingredient and thinking to myself that this was not fun (grating is a necessary evil), I realized that happiness is sometimes more about the results, not the means. As in: I hate grating zucchini, but I like eating zucchini bread. Or even: I really dislike the feel of sidewalk chalk on my fingers, but I love how happy it makes Little when I draw with him. Or also: practicing flute while Little bangs gleefully on the piano and Trigger howls spasmodically gives me a headache, but it's then or not at all, and I like that I'm still a flutist.

And once I had that incredible revelation I decided to mop the kitchen floor because--you guessed it--I despise mopping but I really do love a clean kitchen floor. And happiness is all about baked goods and artistic accomplishments and clean kitchen floors. Or is it just about liking who we are after a long day of cleaning up everyone else's bodily fluids? Still thinking on this one.


  1. Approve. Way to look at the big picture and keep it tasty.

  2. sounds like an awesome day!!! I think those would go under my list of things that make me happy too :)