Tuesday, July 24, 2012

That Day (with extra fun pictures)

Os and I feel the same way.
Today has been That Day. You know what Day I'm talking about. That Day where I wake up and in the first minute out of bed I discover that my oldest son has a) dismantled the diaper genie and b) dropped the crib rail on his little brother's bed (I think that if Tiny had decided to roll over he would've bounced, he's so pleasantly pudgy). After averting disaster, I drag my groggy self to the garage to put the trash out and discover a massive spider hiding behind the bin. It died. Not terribly swiftly since it took me a while to smash it for real as the bottom of the Man's running shoe is all curvy and weird and I was still half asleep. Don't tell the Man that's what I used to kill the beast though... Not sure he'd ever wear those shoes again.

This has been my face today. Just kidding, this was Tiny's face at his first taste of cereal.
Things progressed from there. By 9 o'clock I heard these words for the first time ever: Mommy, I'm angry at you. Little Man was quite sincere. Time out has that effect on him (sincerity and anger). However, hitting Mommy has the effect of time out. Funny about that... We continued with tantrums on the hour, but I did get him to pee standing up for the first time--so he's become a real man. I also discovered that since I can successfully throw a foam softball through a basketball hoop, I have all the skills necessary to be a mom to little boys.
Yeah... They're conspiring against me.

Anyway, my eye has been twitching all day, I forgot Tiny's spoon at supper, Little wanted to go to Braum's--not Sonic--I told him it was Sonic or no milkshake, the pets were at each other, Tiny refused to eat peas for lunch, I didn't have time to shower, our one sippy cup broke, the car wash made Tiny cry... I think I should move to Australia? (And yes, I really feel that I've written this post before.)

This is my usual Tiny.
Does this say nakal or what?

But I have to say that I had a great time laughing about it all with the Man over bbq tonight, while I sat back and let him be the parent--and it's not complaining if you're laughing about it, right? Right? And if I can ever get these boys to go to sleep, I can say that tomorrow is another day and we get to start over. But at this point I'm considering going in there with a roll of duct tape and forcing the issue.

Little has taken an interest in canine photography. This is the best in a series of pictures of Trigger from random angles.

See Tiny. See Tiny pop out gleefully from under the bed.
Little is styling: Elmo pajamas, ski cap, and a tie made out of a belt.

And above picture (of Tiny) is my face now that the boys are both passed out cold. Hurray! Let us celebrate with laziness and quietude!


  1. LOL. you are so funny-- sounds like your days don't slow down during this season! I bet you are an awesome mom!!! What a sweet thing to raise boys! Challenging and fun I'm sure ;) Hope your Mr. is home soon and you get a little time to yourself

  2. Love you..love your boys. And I feel you on days like that. Here's to motherhood!

  3. Tim! He makes the cutest little faces!
    You're an amazing mom. Those boys sure are blessed. :)

  4. Wow. Alex and Lexi are a lot alike. This sounds like my life every day. We have our work cut out for us. lol