Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nerds of Happiness

The Man says that writing makes me happy, so you would think that I would write more. But on the weeks when Tiny has been up at all hours of the night until I bang my head on the wall and want to cry, I convince myself that what would really make me happy would be to sit on the couch and eat mini marshmallows straight from the bag while watching something inane. It's not my best plan. Because even if I'm exhausted and can't put together complete sentences, the very least I can do is get on this blog and type in words until that little bubble of happiness rises in me and breaks, bathing me in joy. So for tonight, since I should be going to bed, I will just leave you with a few happy words:

foam (sea or coffee)
and (a perennial favourite) whimsical

Words that will NOT be used in my current state of bliss:

or whining

And now I need a couple more happy ones to revive my soul:

and exuberant!

And may your vocabulary live long and prosper too!

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