Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Heart Went Home

We have been family vacationing, but yesterday we sent the Man home so he could get back to work (and clean the house before I get home--this was my ulterior motive). In the last 24 hours though, Littles has been a little weepy, missing his dad and expressing, for the first time since we left two weeks ago, that he wants to go home. We will be, I promise, in just a few more days, but I thought it was interesting that the Man leaving was such a trigger for him, and it made me realize that we must be doing something right if he recognizes that home may not be a place or a specific set of things but wherever we are together. Since the Man is no longer with us, Littles realizes that we are not at home.

With that said, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Man. This week I've been challenged by Proverbs 31 to make my husband "known in the gates". I don't want to sound cheesy or cliche, but I am so grateful to be married to the kind of man who is missed when he's not with us. He makes life more fun; he makes our children feel secure; he is someone I respect and whose respect is worth having. Sometimes I hesitate to brag on him in a public forum because I don't want to be that wife, but the truth is that part of being a good wife in the Biblical sense is bringing blessing to our husbands. I want to build his reputation so that others can look at him and see Jesus working through him.

I also saw Little Man's response as a fantastic parallel to how we should be with our heavenly Father. It isn't that He hasn't given us a beautiful world to live in with wonderful friends and family who we can enjoy and love, but that being without Him means that we are not at Home. Or, as Littles would say, we're not at Home yet.

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