Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bullet Posts Are My Favourite

Well, bullet posts and coffee and little boys setting up their own Easter egg hunt on a rainy day in November are all my favourite things. You know what's not my favourite though? Having autocorrect take the "u" out of all my Britishly spelled words.

  • I've turned into pregnant Bella from the Twilight series: my unborn children are sucking the life out of me. (This blog in no way promotes or encourages the reading and watching of poorly written vampire narratives: indulge at your own risk. Possible side effects include, but are not limited to, loss of brain cells, a fascination with glittery things, and the desire to emulate heroines who possess no sense of self-preservation.)
  • Crap-tractions: they aren't cramps and they aren't contractions, but they sure are crappy!
  • Benjamin Franklin's half baked ideas and two year molars are a really bad combination.
  • Things I love about bed rest: PHENOMENAL, cosmic laziness! (I'm channeling the genie from Aladdin here, obviously), endless reading time! (I'm four books down already this week and it's only Tuesday), the chance to be all caught up on correspondence (this is back-firing on the Man who now gets half a dozen emails from me in a day--I'm just verbose--he knew this when he married me), all the fun company and food that voluntarily comes my way, and the opportunity to see just how blessed and loved our family is. Bed rest = blessed.
  • Things I wish I could skip about bed rest: limited exposure to sunlight and fresh air (this makes me cranky), the inability to exercise out my emotions (this also makes me cranky), having to ask for help for everything (I realize this is good for me, but again, it makes me cranky), not being able to pick up Tiny (this makes him cranky), and the generally crankiness that constantly threatens to ensue. Bed rest = fighting the cranks.
  • My two partners in pregnancy both decided to go into labour and have their super cute baby boys this weekend. I feel just a smidge left behind. But they have both told me not to get any ideas. Still, I'm already missing the chance to send whiney pregnancy texts to them. Now they're all blissed out and sleep-deprived with their new babies and I'm still (thankfully) pregnant.
  • I think I may owe you guys a book post sometime in the near future. Anyone interested in this?
And I think that's all for now. I'm ready for lunch and nap time, the true exciting moments of my day.

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