Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oh, Bed Rest

I know I said things were going to be a little quieter around here once my 31 Days series finished up, but I didn't really intend them to be this quiet. The truth is that I have turned into a hibernating winter bear. All I do is eat and sleep. The boys play with Aunt Beth or whoever has stolen them for the morning/afternoon, they come and snuggle and read with me at intervals throughout the day, and I help out with their bedtime and nap time routines, but other than that, the only thing I'm really doing is making a pot of coffee in the morning and growing the twins. Incidentally, this week I have two pineapples in there. (Psych, anyone?) I am also, occasionally, allowed to fold laundry.

I thought I would have hit cabin fever by now, but honestly, I am just so ridiculously tired. I'm not sure if it's the medication they put me on, the fact that I cut out my one cup of half caff last week, or that I can finally allow myself to be tired, but I am taking a morning and an afternoon nap and still going to sleep by ten. Who am I?

In the meantime, though, I'm discovering what incredible cooks I have for friends. And I'm kind of wishing every meal came with a recipe card attached (for when I finally start cooking again--that will happen one of these days, right?). My appetite, which tanked over the last four weeks or so, has returned full force, and I am taking advantage of the fact that our refrigerator runneth over.

While I'm sure all of this is just thrilling news to you, I do come with a bit of a teaser. My friend Rachelle has been hard at work on the nursery this week (nothing like a little pre-term labour to kick everyone into gear), and I think we may have a nursery reveal for you sometime this coming week. In the meantime, I will continue to beguile you with thrilling tales of Marian on Bed Rest. What more could you ask for?

One last thing that will absolutely blow your mind: Mavis Beacon would be terribly impressed by the increase in typing speed I'm exhibiting today just from catching up on email. Got to keep myself occupied, right? I mean, in between the multiple naps, of course.


  1. Beguile me, woman. And impress me with your WPM. I can't wait to see your room reveal (I'm itching to change up our nursery too, and I'm sure I'll be inspired by yours). Keep on doing all that champion eating, sleeping and chilling, beautiful; you're winning medals :) xo

  2. Hi Marian, fun to find you here! I have a blog too.So happy to know you. Would love to share a cup of coffee soon.

  3. Ha! Love this one!! Praying for you!!!

  4. I can't wait to see the nursery. And what's up with you making coffee in the morning? decaf or otherwise? I do not recall your bed rest brigade okaying that level of activity. Did I miss the memo? Shall I come over and do it for you? Because you know I would.
    Sorry for that, it is just that I haven't been able to give you a hard time for 2 solid days and I don't know what to do with myself. Thanks for the update. Have a great day!