Monday, March 10, 2014

Awesomeness and Things Thereof

When you ask your husband what you can do for him while he's tackling his first day back at work and he generously answers, "Eat food and maybe blog something," don't do what I did. Think to yourself, "I have the most incredible husband in the world!" and leave it at that.

Happy Bruiser

Don't, please don't, do what I did and think, instead, "I have the most incredible husband in the world, but pssssh, I've got this covered! I can do both those things, plus finish the laundry, straighten the house, put all the dishes in the dishwasher, wipe down the bathrooms, change the kitty litter, vacuum and dust, prep for dinner, and make those four moldy bananas into banana bread. I can live up to being married to the most incredible husband in the world!"

Don't do that. Be smart.

Because it will be almost one o'clock and you will find yourself a) scrambling to eat something while b) trying valiantly to knock out a blog after c) enduring a long morning of twins who instead of being their normally scheduled selves opted to not nap all day and bullied you into supplementing with formula which made you feel like a crummy mom because obviously if you had listened to your husband and eaten something your milk supply wouldn't be low and have you ever noticed how two babies screaming in tandem can make you feel like you've given shaken baby syndrome to yourself? (Did you get all that?). But I did get the banana bread made, so eat that! No really. I'm planning to. Possibly the whole loaf.

Happy Bee

In the meantime, just a few things for you to laugh about with me:
  • Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, Bruiser is in a purple swaddle. Hopefully this won't scar him for life. Purple is the color of royalty, right? In my defense though, I got back from the commissary yesterday and found Bruiser in a pink swaddle when pointedly unnamed person who swaddled him was both fully awake and not fumbling for clean swaddles in the dark. Said unnamed person did not have a good explanation.
  • Twins are so handy. If you position them close enough to each other in bed, they can hold the other one's paci in.
  • My biggest fear right now: decreased milk supply for the twins. This month's reality: a stomach bug that has…decreased my milk supply for the twins. I am still finding a way to make this funny. Suggestions are welcome.
  • The pantry is not where leftover broccoli and acorn squash should be kept. Learned this one the hard and sleep deprived way. I have a distinct memory of putting that container in the fridge.
  • There is a chance (a slim one) that if you're dressing your twins next to each other, you will put the head of one twin into a onesie and the arm of the other twin through the same onesie. It's a confusing time in my life. And in the lives of Bruiser and Bee.
  • This happened:
He loves that he's too big for the rock n' play.
So he makes sure to get in it at least once a day
so he can hear me say the words, "Tiny, you're
just too big!"

  • And I found the most loving spud in the history of spuds:

  • Finally, the sad reality of four kids is that so many funny things happen that I don't have time to write down and my brain is so overextended that I don't remember them. Just know that our house is hilarious right now. And chaotic. But mostly hilarious.

Littles taking a break from the chaos.

Alright, giving myself a check mark for today. Now I can move on to other productive things so I can continue in my quest to eclipse the Man's awesomeness. Well, at the very least, I can try.

PS Can I confess that I've kind of been dreading getting back to blogging since I've been a little overwhelmed with life on the home front? But I'm glad the Man gave me a little loving push this morning. I forgot how much fun this was. msf

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  1. Your blog must be really awesome! People are far away as Sudan are reading it! I love all the photos of the babies, and you can see that Owen is already punching Charis in the head. Good thing she's going to be tough like her aunt.