Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mostly Food (Seriously)

I've kind of bombed on the cooking front this week.

First, I burned a waffle. That's a travesty in our household when our waffle recipe only makes three (monstrously huge) ones and we all like them somewhat squashy. So I took it out in the front yard and ripped it up for the birds. There's only been one portly robin pecking around at them the last few days. Evidently our avian population has gourmet tastes. I didn't rise to the occasion.

The two who didn't have to survive my cooking.
Understandably cheery.

Then, I forgot I'd signed up to take a snack for Little's class, so Monday morning I got up obscenely early and threw together a quick loaf of banana bread. Incidentally, this was the same recipe I've been using for the last six years. And banana bread: it's not that hard, folks. I pulled a beautiful loaf out of the oven an hour later and left it to cool but when I went to slice and bag it, it had fallen! How is that even possible? There was a massive valley right through the middle. And I had nothing else to send with Littles, so…slice and bag I did. When I picked up Littles from school, I asked him if the banana bread was really awful, to which he replied decidedly, "YES." At least he's honest. I have withdrawn my bid for Mom of the Year.

This weekend, while I languished in snot, my children survived on frozen pizza and quesadillas…and Whataburger. I'm just being honest. It must've been pretty awful for them because right now they're busy "packing" their "car" to move to "Alabama." Although the draw may just be the Man and his superior parenting skills (sick me is not nice to be around).

They're leaving on a love seat.
Don't know when they'll be back again.

Last  night I thought it would be ironic if I ruined supper since I was in the middle of writing this blog about my AWOL cooking skills, but I eat too much these days--and don't have the indulgence of sneaking out for a grocery trip whenever I want--to make that funny any more. So I paid close attention and only had the naan stick to the pan in a couple places. It could've been worse.

Regardless, I redeemed the entire last week by making cinnamon raisin french toast for breakfast this morning. When your food critics are 2 and 4 year old boys, add a side of strawberries and whipped cream and you win Chef of the Century.

Relaxing after a good breakfast. Finally.
Bee is in my lap in an effort to keep her from getting squashed.

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  1. Had to open this one up again to show cute pictures of all your kids to Selma! Love them.