Thursday, November 13, 2014

Out of the Overflow

So I've been thinking a lot about what I'm doing here…on the blog, I mean. I write about books and life and heart-issues and my crazy kids and military life and whatever else happens. And Jesus... I'm pretty sure I write about Him too. Sometimes I think I should be more focused. You know, there are food bloggers and DIYers and faith writers, and I wonder at times, have I just not found my niche?

But I like what I'm writing. I like what this space has become. I just don't understand it enough to place a label on it.

This week, though, I think I figured it out. Here's what I've decided:

I'm writing out of the overflow.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. {Name! That! Movie!} The word "overflow" specifically reminds me of two separate verses that tie in nicely:

"For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." (Matthew 12:34) and those evocative words from Psalm 23, "My cup overflows."

Naturally and nerdily, I did a little research on the word "overflow" and its related word "abundance." I studied their meanings and word origins and looked through various verses that contained them. And it confirmed what I'd been thinking.

While living in the overflow means rejoicing in the incredible goodness that's been given us, sometimes it feels like drowning.

Let me explain.

Our house is the epitome of this concept. We are running over with kids (obviously), books, dog hair, dishes, dirty laundry, random military gear, etc. My To Do list never ends. My grocery cart is brim full. My stroller needs a couple more seats. And sometimes, I think, when people walk by our house, they can hear the sounds of the Frizz clan pouring out over the window sills--giggling, shrieking, yelling, singing, dancing, stomping, crying.

These are good things. Wonderful, gracious gifts. Right now the branches of our thanksgiving tree are weighted down with cards full of Alex's crooked handwriting. God has filled our hands with wonderful gifts. He has given us a good measure, pressed out, shaken together, and running over (Lk 6:38).

At the same time, sometimes all those "wonderful, gracious gifts" can just be overwhelming. It's like a waterfall, you know? Incredibly awe-inspiring and beautiful, and sometimes you want to feel risky enough to go over it in a barrel…but you're holding your breath the whole way down.

This is the overflow. And I think that's what I'm writing about here.

Sure, sometimes what makes it to the blog is just an excess of coffee or me purging my demons of writing, but for the most part, no really, pretty much always, its one way to let the overflow out so that I let it be that awe-inspiring waterfall instead of trying, desperately, to dam it up and control it.

At any rate, this way, we'll all enjoy the heart stopping excitement of going over the edge together, preferably in an adequately water proof barrel. Someone make sure to pack the snacks.


  1. I like it, especially the overflow of kids in the bathtub. Your cup overflows!!! What grace and blessing!

  2. Yes. I love the bathtub photo. Fun times are being had there.