Monday, November 3, 2014

Rambling. Because I Can.

I'm writing tonight mostly because it felt weird not to. After a full month of daily writing, taking the weekend off was nice but not quite as exciting as I thought it was going to be. Besides which, I thought we'd knock out a few house keeping items after a month of talking about transition.

First off, for the inquiring minds that want to know, this year for Halloween the boys were "happy" until the Man opted out of trick or treating in the rain at which point they were "consoled by the chocolate we'd bought for other kids." Let us hear no quibbling about how "happy" is not a character or something one can dress up as. That's what they were. End of story.

Still happy.
And yes, still in pajamas.
Because why get dressed and make more laundry?

I dressed up as "slacker Mom", and the twins were similarly attired as hipster baby (Bruiser) and international baby (Bee). All aforementioned persons not pictured because they were in pajamas most of the day and only changed into their faux costumes shortly before bedtime. Let's be honest, I changed into a clean hoodie in case I had to give out candy. My hoodie said, "Meh." I thought that was appropriate.

The sword and shield got progressively
more heavily decorated over the weekend.
By Sunday you couldn't even tell
they were made out of a carseat box...

On the whole, I will give this Halloween an "A" for "not on my Agenda", but I get extra credit for making the boys those killer masks, swords, and shields. Floppy cardboard is my friend.

During the creative process.
Not sure what the boys are doing.
Pretending to be dead?
That's my approach to Halloween too.
Moving on, I'm hoping to do a little revamping of the blog this month as part of Prep and Purge November (we also have a couple closets and the garage that need some serious elbow grease). One of the things I'm considering is making a separate Facebook page for my blog. That would provide readers with the option to "like" said page and get updates automatically from there. That way I'm not flooding everyone's newsfeed from my personal page. Thoughts, questions, concerns? Speak now or forever hold your peace?

Other important things you need to know: the twins are both mobile and crawling like little fiends, although Bruiser really looks like he's doing the Worm instead of crawling. They also decided yesterday that the bath was a great place to learn how to pull up. It went something like this.

Bee, kneeling at the edge of the tub: Look at me, I'm all the way on my knees!
Bruiser, pulling up to stand: Oh yeah? I can get up on my feet! Eat that!
Bee, looks at him in disgust and follows suit: Anything you can do, I can do better!
Me, yelling desperately for the Man: I need another pair of hands in here!!!

And that's pretty much how things have been going in our home lately (we did finally buy a baby gate for the stairs, but have yet to install it). Daylight savings spun us for a loop. So much so that any time Bruiser put a finger on Bee today, she decided to shriek hysterically like he was killing her. Considering that they sit next to eat other at every meal and share all the same toys, it's been loud.

The apples of each others' eye.

Littles is continuing to plug away at school. We made our Thankfulness tree today (more on that later) and he's had a little too much fun writing all the words he knows on our "I'm thankful for…" tags. Evidently, he's very thankful for Tiny. What can I say? Tiny has the easiest name to spell in our family.

Don't let his dream boat eyes and
precious half smile fool you.
According to Bee, he's a killer baby.
I wouldn't go that far, but I have been known
to refer to him as "vampire baby",
"cannibal baby", and "little mosquito".
Kid puts his teeth to good use.

There were other really important items of interest I was planning to include, but, as is typically the case, I can't remember now what any of them were. So on that inspirational note, I'm going to go put away the carrot raisin muffins I just made (and grated half my thumb nail into) and head on to bed.

And maybe, just maybe, we'll tackle something a little more cohesive later in the week.

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  1. I love the swords. And grating things is the worst. Get a food processor. You live in America and have electricity. Isn't that basically and electric grater?