Thursday, December 11, 2014

Carpe the Pack Mule!

I have finally achieved my goal of being a pack mule.

Also, I strapped Littles and Tiny to my legs, so I'm a walking tornado of chaos. Kidding. About the extra leg irons, not about the tornado of chaos.

By the way, Bruiser looks stoned in that picture, but he was happy in the next one, I promise. This picture, however, was the one Littles chose for the blog. I'm putting him in charge of images and possibly layout, and plan to hand over all content and editing to Tiny by the end of the year because, you guys, this is just too much for me.

But you know what isn't too much for me now? Everything else. Because thanks to my handy dandy Ergos, I can now strap on both babies and go. And by "go", I mean anything that would've formerly been challenging to do while tripping over a pair of very loud and insistent babies. It's a miracle they haven't fallen into the oven or gotten trapped in the fridge yet. The second you move one baby to a safe part of the room, the other baby moves in for the kill...

Also, now that I'm an Ergo sporting, military mama, I truly fit in here. All I need is a burger from In-n-Out (animal style), and I'll be a true Californian (although does the military wife part negate part of that? I don't know. I'm so confused). But the important part is that now I can one up all the other Ergo wearing moms buying organic produce and sushi at the commissary. Day seized!


  1. this is cute! I wear my baby sometimes when I'm cooking... I know ..not safe... but a move of a desperate mother. I cannot image 2 though!! you are superwoman.

  2. You make those babies look good. I mean that on multiple levels.