Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nocturnal Twins and Other Blurbs

Normally I get asked if my boy/girl twins are fraternal or identical. Yes. True story. But today, I had my favorite twin moment (possibly ever) when I got asked if the twins are nocturnal.

Why, yes. Yes, they are.

You know that wonderful moment when you slip between smooth, cool sheets at the end of a long day? I get that moment multiple times a night! So does the Man! It's super fun.

Okay, that was a slight exaggeration. Things on the sleep front are improving (you really want to know this, don't you?), and we have even had two dinners in a row where everyone ate well, there was no screaming involved, and the Man and I were actually able to have an adult conversation. It was a minor miracle!

In all that, I've just been having some great moments with the kids lately, and I wanted to share a few of them with their adoring public. 
  • Tiny and Littles love the trash truck. We did hardly any Christmas baking this year, but the trash guys got a loaf of pumpkin bread. That says about everything you need to know. But this morning I found Tiny in his room carrying on a full conversation with the trash truck, not the trash guys but the actual truck, who is evidently now called, wait for it, "Trashy". 
  • The twins wore long-sleeved white t-shirts today. Then I fed them strawberries for breakfast. And pizza for lunch. And hamburger pot pie for dinner. And by the end of the day they could've doubled for Jackson Pollock paintings.
  • Yesterday I came downstairs after tucking in Bruiser for naps to find Bee playing gleefully in the middle of a sizable puddle while Tiny cheerily chucked cupfuls of water from the sink in a creative attempt to turn our dining room into a water park. The peals of laughter pouring out of Littles stopped abruptly so that he could professionally lay blame on Tiny. My kids could write the book on birth order.
  • Me: Tiny, you have Littles' helmet on backwards. Tiny: I can do what I want. Me, internally: yup, sounds about right.
  • Littles told me the other day that the honey dripping down the side of the honey bottle looked like the sun setting into the bay. I'm going to keep that kid.

    Aren't kids great? At the very least I think mine are. And sometimes I even think that at other times during the day than just after they've fallen asleep. I'm sure the harbor seals think their new pups are just as awesome, but they are wrong. Although the way they inchworm their blubbery bodies up on land is super adorable. I wonder if I could teach that to the twins?

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