Thursday, August 6, 2015

Food Stories...Because Four Kids...

Sometimes you need to take a break from your regular program... This is that break. Welcome, to the world of food with the Friz Four.

She likes tea parties. With raisins. She forces her brothers to play along.

Back when we were living in OK, I was nursing the twins before bed, having left the boys finishing dinner (the Man was either TDY or at work) when I heard an explosion from the kitchen. Turned out, Tiny had decided to microwave a corn oblivion. There was nothing left but a piece of charcoal that vaguely resembled a corn muffin, smoking gently on the turn table. Our microwave smelled like smoke for a month.

Who? Me?

This morning I found a half-empty bag of English muffins on the stairs. Tiny informed me that he and Littles had breakfast in bed. Last night. After I'd put them in bed. We'd had early dinner last night, and I'd given the twins second supper before bed (cereal, for the win), but both the boys had turned down my offer of food. Evidently they reconsidered and decided to do breakfast twelve hours too early. I refuse to go looking for crumbs in their sheets. Good thing they make their own beds.

He's mastered that eye roll almost a decade early.

Bruiser finished his pancakes yesterday and flipped his plate upside down, placing it squarely on top of his head and declaring, "HAT!" with gusto. I blame the influence of his cousin James who also likes to use syrup in place of hair gel.

And he has lots of hair to syrup.

We had a vanilla candle on the table last month sitting in a bowl of coffee beans, whose coffee did not cut it for my sophisticated palate (that's a joke). Bruiser and Bee, however, had great fun crawling on the table and snacking on straight caffeine. Bruiser, especially, couldn't pass the table without saying longingly, "Bite?" Yes, we start them young.

Food makes Bee happy.
She is a woman after my own heart.

You know that story of the girl who always cuts her roast in half before she cooks it and gets in a fight with her husband about how she's doing it the right way when it turns out that she does it that way because three generations ago, her grandmother's pan was too small to fit a whole roast? Well, thanks to Blythe, my kids are going to think that meats should always be defrosted in the microwave or oven (both of which are off). That cat has a taste for raw meat and will chew through whatever plastic covering is in her way. She also likes to go fishing in the trash can. And chases loose blueberries and grapes. She's an odd one.

Grilled cheese: part of every kid's healthy lunch menu.
Just not mine. Because cheese is gross.

Speaking of the pets, this evening I found what I thought were blood streaks on one side of Trigger's neck. I was freaking out before I remembered we'd had ketchup for lunch. Sharing is caring. So much so that Bee and Bruiser like to take a bite and then offer one to whichever pet is nearest. Blythe is particularly quick to lick Bee's spoon off for her. And Trigger is helpful about cleaning the floors while we eat. He picks out the vegetables though.

This is how Bruiser does raisin tea parties.
Dump them all!

One of Little's self-set school goals was to learn some cooking skills this year. We're planning to do blueberry muffins tomorrow as he has already mastered the finer points of making tea and french press coffee (yes, he even grinds the beans). Today, however, he informed me he wants to learn how to make stove top popcorn. Hot oil, exploding kernels, and a five year old? How about no.

That's a smile, but it could be a grimace
at the thought of Littles burning the house down.

Anyway, just a few fun food favorites for your Friday (you know you like that alliteration--but it only works if you don't read this post until tomorrow).


  1. This was fun. I laughed out loud a couple of times. Love the photos. Love you and of course Josh and the grands!!!!! I never heard the obliterated muffin story before this. Oh my, I bet that was scary and yet a great Tim story!

  2. I love that your kids are so adventurous in the kitchen.

  3. HAHA yes. Those boys are becoming adept at early morning food commandeering.

  4. oh man, you have cute kids. Love "seeing" them grow up.