Monday, August 3, 2015

Keep On Keeping On

For those of you following along with me as I stay engaged our last five months here, I felt like that post deserved a follow up so that you could see that I'm doing my best to follow through. Follow along. Follow up. Follow through. Wow. I wish I could say I did that on purpose, but I'm pretty sure it was the 5.30am alarm speaking.

Anyway, this weekend, drumroll, please, the Man and I finally hung pictures in the upstairs hall. All the other pictures were put up the week we moved in (we're thorough like that), but we were waiting to do the hall once we finally got some updated family pictures...that actually included the twins. Then we got family pictures and had to find frames. Then, of course, I kept forgetting to print the actual pictures. Anyway, it's August. We leave in December. But I'm going to enjoy my hallway with every fibre of my being until the boxes arrive.

Plus, the Love Chapter on the wall every time I come up the stairs is a good kick in the pants. Love is is is not is not irritable... 

The little leaf thingies are actually Japanese coasters I've had hidden away for years. I'm pretty sure I stole them from my mom (thanks, Mom!). They've always been too pretty to spoil and so I haven't gotten to really enjoy them. Saturday I hot glued flat head tacks to the back. I'm sure someone, somewhere is rolling over in his or her grave, but I'm loving getting to see them every day, far out of reach of the four pairs of wonderfully grubby hands that would love to rip them, spill on them, and potentially stick them in someone's mouth. Which would then prompt me to have to reread the Love Chapter before I did something I might regret.

In other news, this kid started kindergarten today! And in case you can't read my fabulous handwriting, he told me this morning that he loves "math, whales and dolphins, baseball, bikes, and going to the beach." The Man tried really hard to convince him to put "Dad" on the list to no avail. Five year olds are cold.

At any rate, I'm enjoying to the full every last day that we have here: watching sunsets over the bay, exploring new farmers markets that have chicken tikka masala naan wraps (amazing), and finding new places to keep art supplies accessible to the boys while still out of reach for the twins. Sadly, Bee has discovered she has serious table climbing skills. But, you know, you can't have it all.

Happy August, everybody.

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  1. Yes. Great job hanging photos. I like the Japanese coasters. Where did you get those? And I think Alex should have put 'Dad' on the list and also "Auntie."