Monday, April 11, 2016


Somedays "adulting" comes more naturally than others. I try really hard to be a good adult, but I'll be honest: there are books, and they always kill my attempts. I've discovered lately, that a lot of the things I think are required for adulting are actually pretty trivial.

For example, "real adults can keep house plants alive." I'm working really hard on this one. Also, "real adults can make homemade tortillas." And since I've mastering this one, I'm a real adult now! "Real adults get up early." (Meh.) "Real adults exercise regularly." (Fine.) "Real adults make up their beds." (Sure, whatever.) "Real adults don't finish off the leftover Indian food without offering some to their husbands first." (Fail.)

Lavender makes me happy.

Some of these may be true. Some...perhaps are only personal goals that don't need to be applied to the larger spectrum of adulthood.

Today, however, I discovered a "real adult" goal that I thought I'd share with you: real adults ask questions when they don't know something.

And because I am a real adult (who diligently finished cleaning of the kitchen and now is diligently blogging before getting back into my book), here's my question for you (that incidentally ties in somewhat to my adult goal to keep plants alive): What is wrong with my cilantro and how do I fix it?

That's it on the far right. Help!
The leaves look weird (all spindly instead of nice and flat), and it doesn't smell right any more, and what did I do wrong to deserve this!?

Seriously though, the Man had to tell me to stop stroking the plants and whispering lovingly to them, "Grow, little baby, and don't die on me!"

Also, I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could instruct me on the finer points of when and how to dead head flowers. And don't even think about telling me to google it because I'm depending on you here!


  1. It bolted! If you want, you can let it go to seed and harvest the coriander once they are dried for seasoning food. It's great ground up in curry. Otherwise, you have to trim it way back and try to keep it trimmed so it doesn't bolt again. Basically, cilantro is crazy and changes into a totally different plant if you aren't careful!

    1. Okay--cut it back and hopefully it will revive itself. Thank you! You're the best!

  2. I love cilantro. I love love it. I think Antani thinks I'm crazy because I always ask her to buy it. And it is not a staple here, and she didn't know the word in French or Arabic, so I had to go find my Sudanese guy and buy it myself and then show her what it looks like so that she could know. Now she's a pro. And I can have fresh cilantro in my frigo toujours. But I don't want to try to grow it because Chad, desert, too much traveling. But good on you for yours!