Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Dandelion

Last week we raised the question of why dandelions are the official flower of the military child. Here's the answer for you:

source unknown

I'm calling the tie for Shirlee's answer: 
"Because a dandelion is exactly all those things, bright and bold to the eye, strong and resilient to the elements in which it is dealt, soft and tender to touch."

and McKinzie's:
"I'm guessing the wind blowing them has something to do with the dandelion as flower of the military child."

So, ladies, you get to pick my next couple blog topics! Speak now or forever hold your peace. Also, asking that I not blog at all is definitely an option (pick that one! pick that one!--then I'll take the week off and do nothing but read novels!).

Here's to our dandelion military children! Too many exclamation points!


  1. Oooh, well, since I currently have a daughter who is enjoying 1-2 mid-night nursing sessions (for the last month) after 6+ months of sleeping through the night, I request that you talk about that. Why do they do this? How can I help us both best get through it? I'm not at all wishing to wean yet. Funny thoughts or stories from your own sleep trenches?

  2. No, please don't stop blogging! I look forward to your blogs, and they have at times helped me face issues before the Lord I'd otherwise be happy to ignore. What's your favorite Bible story?

  3. Someone posted that thing on FB so the end was already spoiled for me. But I was going to go with the wind-blowing thing. Or something about weeds maybe.