Saturday, July 4, 2009

Steak (because I can)

So, while the Man and I were at the shore this week, I decided to order a steak (yes, when I could've gotten seafood--don't ask).  Now, I like my steaks medium-well to well-done.  As in, I don't like to see gushy red stuff coming out of something I'm eating.  The Man informed me, however, that by ordering my steak as I did, I was practically inviting the chef to give me the crappiest piece of meat he had on his hands.  All I have to say to that is "shame on you!"  My steak actually turned out quite scrumptious (even the Man said it wasn't bad), but when I got back to D.C., what did I find on my yahoo homepage but this:

The first two lines read: "If you ask Mark Pastore of La Frieda Meats, a Manhattan-based meat purveyor, you should never prepare your steak well-done. That's like squeezing all the goodness out of the animal (and eating a leather shoe).

My response? Oh, well.  I don't plan to stop eating shoe leather any time soon.  It tastes nice.


  1. *rolls eyes. and it's all about the taste, not the description? sorry i missed you today... retry?

  2. That's funny! I like my steak well done too. I got your link through the Delbys (not sure if I got the spelling right) blog. I met them when they were living in Ireland the last time but haven't met them this time around.
    Your current post is both sad and nice.