Thursday, July 23, 2009

We take our cat for car rides

It's 12:41am.  The Man is sitting next to me on the couch, obsessively playing Typing Maniac on facebook.  We just finished watching Escape from New York and are about to watch Escape from L.A. My sister has been demanding for about a month now that we watch Escape from L.A. but when we sat down to watch it tonight and the Man realized that it was a sequel, we ended up watching New York first.  How? Why? I don't know. But we did.  And we ate donuts while doing it.  Donuts we picked up with the cat.  As in, Os had a great time riding in the car with us.  He did not have a great time getting out of the car as it was pouring down rain.  So worth it though.

We're on to the next movie now.


  1. so not only does *that cat* chew up communication lines and get away with it, he gets to go riding with you guys and i don't? not cool. how were the donuts? :)

  2. I was hoping this blog would be more about how much you LOVED the films. Weren't they just great? I mean, they are hailed as "cult classics." And the cult they are speaking of is one loved by kool-aid drinking people in prairie dresses. I am so happy...and I still can't believe you watched BOTH of those movies!!