Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ode to My Closed Right Nostril

  • orange juice, lots of it.
  • water, lots of it.
  • tissues, taking over my bed.
  • soup, beginning to be a really boring meal.
  • tylenol: sinus (congestion and pain)--you'd better not cause long term issues in my unborn child or I Will Cut You.
  • Oswald: jumping every time I get a new tissue from the box (which is about every 5 minutes), putting his ears back at the loud honking noise that then issues forth from my slightly red schnoz. His life is so hard.
  • JAG, maintaining my sanity. Somewhat.
  • old husband t-shirts, comfortable and comforting.
  • multiple trips to the bathroom since hydrating and pregnancy are not coexisting happily.
  • wanting to reach my hand all the way down my throat and scratch like a mad woman until that itching that kept me up all night STOPS.
  • lived in bed.
  • lips falling off my face in spite of extra moisturizing intensive chapstick.
  • and last, but not least, my right nostril...permanently cemented shut.
I think I'm firing my body. What was it thinking getting sick at a time like this?! Thoughtless, I tell you. Thoughtless!


  1. Well I'm going to be stalking you too : ) Ah I miss you and I'm sorry you're miserable, funny enough, my right nostril is giving me issues too. Darn cold/flu season. Alan FINALLY made it to Baqram...he spend almost an entire week sitting in a chair in a tent in Kuwait. How is the pregnancy going? Much love from Brittney and me!