Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Powdered Sugar Donuts and the Ocean in Winter

It snowed last night while we were sleeping. Not a whole lot. Not like last year. But a powdered sugar dusting that left all the cars looking like those little donuts you can find at Chinese buffets or better yet, beignets. I love snow. Even last year when I got snowed in multiple times and had to dig out my car with a dustbin, I couldn't get over how beautiful it was. I'm not saying I didn't recognize the inconvenience and dread driving through the snow bank maze of downtown D.C., but it was still beautiful, you know?

But I was thinking this morning, as I looked out the window, how much more I really want to be looking at the ocean instead of a snowscape. I'm so desperate that I would even take a cold, winter ocean complete with five jackets, two scarves, and an extra fuzzy hat with ear flaps. There can even be a little snow mixed in with the sand. But I really miss the sound of the waves hitting the beach. Kind of in a desperate, hyperventilating way.

Is it that obvious that I didn't make it to the beach this summer?


  1. Come to Chicago! Lots of snow, freezing temperatures, and one very large Lake Michigan that likes to be an ocean poser.

  2. I thought this blog was going to have something about you making donuts. I'm a little disappointed, but I will say this: if you want to see the ocean, pop over here to the south coast of Yemen! You can swim in the Gulf of Aden with me and we could take a lovely trip to the Red Sea too if you wanted...or you could hop over to the boring old Atlantic which is not far from you and is better than nothing. The Smig would love it.

  3. I'm a beach person too. Snow is nice, once in a while, but I'll take sand and salt any day.