Monday, January 24, 2011

Cat and Baby

I try to avoid "awwwww" intended stories about Little Man, but he and Oswald have just been so freaking cute today that I had to share one little blurb. Tonight after his bath, we were reading to Littles before bed when he hopped off my lap, picked up Sandra Boynton's The Going To Bed Book, and took it over to Oswald. We tried to explain that Os can't read (yet), but he stayed over there, shoving the book in the poor cat's face, til the Man came over and read it to both of them. Littles patted Oswald on the head through the entire book and then put his forehead down for Oswald to kiss him goodnight. Which Os promptly did.

That cat has been, at times, the bane of our existence. He's cost hundreds of dollars in vet bills and destroyed countless mac power cords. He sent me to the emergency room when I was seven months pregnant. He's made me clean up unbelievable amounts of barf. He's eaten dozens of ponytail holders, packing peanuts, and twist ties (which probably accounts for the barf). But his saving grace is that he's exceptional with Littles. It's almost as good as having a dog named Nana who can turn down beds with her paws. 

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