Friday, February 25, 2011

It's a Good Day

I woke to the sound of rain sending me morse code messages through the window. And this is what the rain said to me:

Wake up! Wake up! Come nestle down in the recliner and watch me bounce across the window screens in jubilation! Bathe yourself in words of truth and beauty. Kiss your husband goodbye as he leaves for work. Have a cup of coffee, an English muffin, and some kiwi with your son. Revel in the giggles of a toddler playing ball with his feline best friend. Enjoy the sound of the washer, dryer, and dishwasher all running at the same time, knowing that you are "subduing the earth" with a 21st century flair. Take the time to say thank You for the blessings that have been given: for the quality and quantity time, for the side-by-side growth, for the enlargement of your heart, for a quiet Friday morning rain. Wake up and know...

I thought the rain gave very good advice. So I got up. And it was so.

But then I went to go intervene on the behalf of a library book that was about to be shredded by the aforementioned toddler/son, and I think the cat got my coffee. I do brew a good cup every now and then.

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