Saturday, March 5, 2011

Creaking Tables

One of my favourite blessings
(he's since had a haircut, thank goodness)
My morning started out at the breakfast table with my two men. I'm not saying that the table was legitimately creaking, but it was a nice spread: banana bread, bran muffins, coffee, a gorgeous creamer/sugar set given to me by a dear friend, grapes, kiwi, and a bouquet of golden daffodils. I should've taken a picture. Still, it was the very act of sitting down to breakfast with the two people I love most in the world that made the moment, one that should be infinitely ordinary, so very perfect. It was gone in less than an hour as the Man headed off to work and Littles began his usual rampage by putting his jacket on over his pajamas (this is his new thing) and going into Destructo-mode. But I "treasured up all these things in my heart," if you will.

I was reflecting tonight (it happens when the Man is stuck late at work) on how the image of a creaking table is emblematic of my life right now. We have been so very blessed in countless ways--by friends, family, places to serve, a beautiful little home, a life that is full.... I'm thinking of this a bit more than usual, perhaps, as we received news that the military has plans for us elsewhere, in Oklahoma, actually. That, in itself, is a blessing as the job the Man has received is a step upward career-wise (I'm so proud of him!) and will also, hopefully, provide us with some much needed family time. But it has made me very aware of all the wonderful things--mostly people--we will miss about being here and the awareness has made me so thankful. As another writer once said: my cup runneth over.

We still have another four months before we head out on the next adventure, and I plan to use them relishing the creaking tables in my life. All of them.


  1. My first thought was "wow, how cool that Josh and Marian have a new adventure!" Then, my second thought was "wow....Oklahoma"

    But good for Josh to get a step up! You are just that much closer to Texas :) Love and miss you my dear!

  2. I'm thankful for a daughter who recognizes the blessings in life and is thankful to the Source of all blessings. And I'm proud of Josh too, and love that little destructo man!


  3. yeah, I think everyone's response is: Oklahoma? And my response to that is: of course! where the wind comes sweeping down the plains! But seriously...there is nothing there. Which could be good, since we'll actually get to spend some family time together. :) And there will be less for Alex to trip over.

  4. oh wow! this is a big new adventure!!! hope it all goes reeaaaaally well!

    p.s. Alex is the cutest!!