Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh, Teething...You're So Much More Fun When You're Over

After spending the last three days in whining agony due to teething (the whining from Littles due to the teething, the agony from me due to the whining), we seem to have made a turn for the better. This morning, Littles thinks everything is funny, which is a great way to show off the four new teeth that came through this weekend. I've found that his good mood is rubbing off on me, in spite of the fact that I woke up in an unusually grumpy (for me) mood mostly brought about by the last three days of...you got it...whining agony. Let's put it this way: I went to bed last night at 8.30 in preparation for another day of ear drum shredding yowls. From the looks of it, though, God is not going to push me beyond what I can endure. Especially when I'm completely out of caffeinated coffee and will remain so until I make it to the commissary this week.

And on that note, I'm going to get up and start taking care of everything I've put on hold for the last three days while in Teething Survival Mode. I also need to rescue my cell phone from the Little Man who is probably busy running up my phone bill by calling his aunt in Yemen. What fun I have before me!

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