Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Elusive Hot Cup of Coffee

Every morning I play a little game with myself called "Can I make it to the bottom of my coffee cup?" There aren't many rules. You can't chug your coffee (because, then, what's the point of drinking it?) and once it's cold you've lost. Microwaving is a concession of defeat. You would think this wouldn't be that difficult. Sadly, I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually garnered a win. Incidentally, one of them was yesterday--I managed to bribe Littles with leftover "woofles", strawberries, and whipped cream. Oh, and syrup. Lots of it.

Sunday, however, I was determined to get my whole cup of coffee at my leisure. So instead of drinking it with breakfast, I poured it while Littles was in the bathtub. He loves his bath. It comes complete with Thomas the Train bath toys (have I mentioned he's obsessed?), so I thought there was no way I could possibly mess this one up. So Littles was happily puffing Thomas and Percy down the tracks towards the docks (always), and I was sitting on top of the closed toilet happily drinking a steaming hot mug of coffee while overseeing the buffering of those really useful engines. How could this possibly go wrong? And at that exact moment, Alex starts screaming blue murder as he unceremoniously poops in the bathtub.

So, naturally, by the time I calmed Little Man down from the trauma of being in a bathtub full of poop and got him cleaned up and got the poop-filled bathtub cleaned up and got the now poop-covered bath toys cleaned up (there was a lot of poop and a lot of cleaning), my coffee was stone cold. Figures. Tiny then decided to join in the fun by exploding his diaper everywhere, including on me. And all that to say, one day, some day in the far distant future, I will once again be enjoying hot coffee, and by then I can drink real coffee instead of decaf because I won't be nursing, thank goodness, and I will be missing those tepid sips of sadness because their absence will mean that my boys are all grown up and most likely out of the house. C'est la vie, right? You win some, you lose some.

With that said, no, I did not get my hot "cuppa" this morning either (we had tea today, not coffee). Also, Little Man had another poop in the bathtub incident today, except that he didn't really poop. He just screamed about it and demanded to get out of the completely poop-free bathtub. What....? All this excitement is beyond me.


  1. LOL! Goodness... I feel the same about my coffee... but alas, it isn't children. its puppies! Ehh... i want my hot coffee time back!

  2. Have never loved coffee so much since I became pregnant. Smelling the beans instantly quelled my nausea. I hover around the machine at work to inhale the strong, caffeinated aroma, while prepping a never-gonna-be-good-enough decaf for me to drink. Sigh.

    ps - am glad you're back blogging again, it pushed me to start again too, so thanks. :)