Monday, April 30, 2012

Above and Beyond

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate cleaning the floors. It is, hands down, my least favourite household chore. If I could farm out one chore, that would be it. And yet somehow, I have mopped twice in the last twenty-four hours. The first one, I admit, was because the floor was disgusting as I had put off mopping all week since, as previously stated, I hate cleaning the floors. Since my eyes are so far away from the floor, I can get away with this for a while. But we invited guests over for dinner last night, and while they are good enough friends that they wouldn't judge me, I knew that I would be wallowing in shame the entire time they were over here if I didn't get off my lazy bum and mop. So I did. And was very proud of myself. And then this morning Littles accidentally dropped a jar of strawberry jam, which led to mopping number two. This is not an exciting story at all. I just want everyone to be impressed that I mopped twice instead of just letting the Dog lick up the jelly and leaving it at that.

In unrelated news, I lost count of the caterpillar kill count somewhere after 30, our house is also being taken over by moths, Tiny is officially rolling over and unofficially being an over-achiever by trying to sit up, and I love lightning skies after a dinner of tikka masala and home-made naan. The End. 


  1. I love you. And miss you. And also hate cleaning floors.

  2. Oh gee, I would have totally let the dog have at it. You are a better floor cleaner than I.