Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Picture Celebration

The Man has decided to upgrade my phone this week. Against my wishes. I like mine with its sticking pound key and scratched up screen. It's retro, you know? Which makes me super cool. Anyway, point being that now that he is forcing me (against my will) to get an iPhone (cruel and unusual punishment), I have also been forced to finally download all the pictures that I've been taking on my phone for the last almost two years. And when I say "I", I mean, of course, my wonderful husband who actually has the technological skills to figure out how to get aforementioned pictures from the phone to the computer (which is why they have been languishing in loneliness on my phone for the last 20 months).
So, on that note, here are a few (and I do mean, a select few--it took me a while to narrow them down) of the exquisite pictures that I have taken with my little mobile device thingie over the last few months. This post, of course, comes right in time for Valentine's Day complete with pictures of the men I love most.
Here is Tiny, the young superhero. Very young. And very super. And two seconds after this picture was taken, Littles ripped his cape back off of his brother, nearly strangling him in the process. That velcro did not want to let go...
And Tiny, the happiest little Glen Hansard fan ever. You have to start them young, you know?

And my beautiful boys together. Looking at them just doesn't get old. Although it's less of an active sport when they're sleeping or I'm only looking at them in picture form.

Here is a young Littles, lifting weights like a champ. And don't waste your time trying to wipe that spot off Little's nose--it's not on your computer screen, it's from when he tried to use my curling iron on his nose.

Littles again, showing us his deep and abiding love for all things Indian, especially Chicken Korma. Kid has great taste.

Here is a fantastic shot of Oswald. He keeps us all on our toes.

Is that not the most beautiful thing? Ever?

And one last picture of Tiny because he was a baby while I had this phone (sniff) and just WOW (which, of course, is exactly what I think of the two wonderful men in the last picture too).

So, Happy Valentine's Day, and may you have a special day celebrating the ones you love and the wonderful God that loves you. And may the Man teach me how to download pictures from my phone before another year and a half has passed.

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  1. iPhones are awesome. You'll love it! Also, this picture post is awesome. Happy Valentines to you and yours!