Monday, February 4, 2013

Familial Photos

February is my middle sister's birthday month. In honour of that, I decided to share with you some classic Amanda photos--because she is awesome and everyone should join in the celebration of her existence. Also because it's February 4th and I'm just now getting my blogging for the month started and feel really behind but don't have the mental energy to put into a real blog.

To start off, here is this wonderful picture of Amanda eating a live bunny. In the background, you can see our oldest sister showing off her tender maternal instincts, oblivious to the fact that extreme violence is being done to the sibling of that little fur ball she's petting. Is it any wonder that Joanna has two kids with another on the way while Amanda makes Jo's and my parenting lives a lot more exciting whenever she comes to visit?

Next we have a typical sisters picture, with Amanda flashing a super cool peace sign. This is why she lives in Asia still. I have no explanation for what Joanna is doing, and since it's not her birthday month, you are just going to be left to draw your own conclusions.

Finally, I give you proof of the terror Amanda used to practice on my stuffed animals. For those of you with failing eye sight, in the foreground, my pink crocodile is making a quick meal of a mouse while the penguin family looks on between horrified flippers. Vintage Amanda. I told you Littles got it from her.

At any rate, happy birthday month, Amanda, and may we all enjoy sharing in your awesomeness, which is beyond all compare. If you are not Amanda and happen to be reading this blog and find your interest tweaked by her terrifying brilliance, feel free to go check out her terribly entertaining blog about life in India and elsewhere. Meanwhile, I will go take myself to bed and dream about my really awkward high school years of which I purposefully did not include pictures. Hurray!

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