Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Still Here

Yep, I haven't gone anywhere, but I've been spending a lot of time with my nose in several different books lately, none of which are finished yet, but when they are, I will diligently write all about them so you can decide whether or not you want to read them yourself (the answers should be yes, yes, and only if you are vaguely interested in the Marine Corps or get dared to read military biographies by your husband). Anyway, so, nose in a book and further occupied by stuff like the Man and Boys and Friends and figuring out my New Smart Phone (sorry for all the caps--I have no explanation) and messing up my knee again (running hates me: why do I love it so?) and letting Tiny flip his high chair over and exploring the world of mismatched sheets.

But then I thought of you, poor lonely blog reader, who has absolutely nothing better to do with your time than stalk my blog (I know you're out there, please, be out there stalking my blog), so I thought I'd come on by and tell you the following really important things:

  • I am now officially out of pasta salad, and my grief is overwhelming. The fact that I didn't make a double recipe is further contributing to my guilt ridden sorrow.
  • That fire pit was the best purchase ever. Last night, as I sat by it with the Man, sipping on old coffee, I was finally able to process some thoughts that have been tripping me up for three weeks now. And it is incredible how much more fun today has been now that they have been duly burnt out of me.
  • I need to know: do you give guests a tour of your home when they arrive? I have distinct memories of my mom doing that when I was growing up, but every time the thought crosses my mind now I feel extremely pretentious. Also, we have only one picture up in the hallway.
  • Me: Eat your dinner now or forever hold your peace because when we get home, I'm not giving you anything else. Littles: I'll hold my peace. {Seriously. WHO TAUGHT HIM THAT?}
  • Getting a new book in the mail after a long morning is pretty much the. best. thing. ever. And yes, that deserved both the italics and the extra periods. And if you don't agree with me, consider our friendship OVER. Just kidding. I'll still like you. But only to your face. 
And on that loving note, my children are awake, and I need to get back to being Mom as opposed to doing what I'm doing right now which is being something else (uuuuuuh....). But give me a few days or hound me relentlessly and I will be back to tell you all about Chesty Puller and/or Grace for the Good Girl. Because it will make your life better. No lie.

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