Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter {Just-the-Pics Version}

Disclaimer: Don't even bother with this unless you're deeply invested in seeing lots of pictures of my crazy children. Mom and Mom-of-the-Man, go ahead and read on.

We celebrated Easter with a quick visit from the Man who found a cheap plane ticket and a deep desire in his heart to not wait another 4 weeks to see us (we approved that message). He got in for dinner Friday evening, surprising the kids who thought he wasn't going to make it until after bed time, and we had a lovely Saturday together before he headed out this morning.  Before he got on the road, we made sure to bring on Easter in style with donuts, the Resurrection story, and a rousing game of Whack-a-mole (please, don't let that become a tradition). I took about two pictures the entire weekend and then got mad at myself, so I redeemed myself (ish?) by taking twenty gazillion of the kids in their Easter get ups. And here you go.

This is the one picture I got of my sweet men, two seconds before the Man
headed back to Alabama. The twins
were sleeping so they couldn't get in on the action.

Okay, not the most fantastic shot of the kids,
but it's realistic. Happy Easter?

Also realistic: boys v. girl (the boys love them some Bruiser).
But let me just say, Bee is going to take them down one day.

They're working on this whole sitting up thing.

This is improved. Somewhat.
Bruiser insists on lounging.

Snuggling with Bruiser for a bit.
I de-pacied him for the rest of the pictures.
Okay, I missed the ones with the boys, but guys:
details are hard.

Bruiser is such a happy baby.
He loves to grin and laugh.
He's also a wiggler so it's hard to get a picture of him that isn't
a blur of ecstasy.

Bee, on the other hand, has many faces.
This is her "I will keel you" option.

Here she is displaying her propensity for eating
anything and everything in sight.
Even her hands!

This is the famous drool smile.
She rocks it.

And finally: a Bee classic: the pokey tongue.
She's been doing this since birth.
Anyway, Happy Easter from our crazy little clan. We are rejoicing today in the empty tomb even if we are already feeling the effects of our somewhat emptier house. And yes, the boys already asked me how much longer we have until the Man gets back. He's just too popular for his own good. Four more weeks. Let's get this show on the road...

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  1. Beautiful!! I love each and every picture! ---Stacey