Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Blurbing

We had a fun morning: making paper airplanes and peanut butter m&m cookies, teaching Alex the finer points of bottle blowing and what a printed lower case "g" looks like (this is more confusing than you'd expect), engaging in a dishwasher unloading dance party…you know, the awesomeness that ensues when you have two boys and half a Dr Pepper left in the fridge to kick start your day. I thought I would continue the roll that I'm on by congratulating myself publicly on this blog (I'm humble like that) and sharing some fun moments we've had this week. There are even a couple pictures included.

Tiny knows how to get that beater done.

Showing off our cookies.
Tiny couldn't tear his eyes away.
He proceeded to pick out and eat the m&ms
one by one before inhaling his destroyed cookie.
If you look closely, you can see he already started on the m&m
picking with the cookie closest to him.
Can this caption get any longer?

Incidentally, come back by later in the week because I'm going to be posting some super cute photos of the twins courtesy of the 16 year old Baby Whisperer. More on that later.

How 'bout them paper airplanes?
Anyway, moving on. Some blurbs for your day. I promise they are completely pointless and solely written for your entertainment.
  • I know that I'm a scrooge because my new reason for hating holidays is all the candy that good natured people pass off to my children. (Do you not realize that I'm the one who later has to deal with their sugar high??? I thought you loved me more than this!) Anyway, I dole out the candy one stingy piece at a time, and my kids know to ask before they indulge. At least I thought they did until I was dusting their bedroom and found a whole ream of empty candy wrappers hidden behind the Little Man's bed. Sneaky, sneaky. My initial reaction: burn the rest of the Easter candy to the ground!!! But I called the Man and he laughed until I think he might've been crying, and we came up with a more toned down consequence. The best part of it was that when I sat down to talk with Littles about it, he demonstrated an uncanny ability to wait until he knew that I was in possession of damning evidence before he 'fessed up.
  • My middle sister has spent the last few days not getting kidnapped in Darfur (you can read about her exploits on her blog--you won't be disappointed). The boys and I got to Skype with her while she was there, and she took us out for a "walk" in the street. Littles and Tiny got to see a horse, a donkey, and a herd of goats. So, thanks to her, their world view is now significantly expanded.
  • The Little Man entertained himself during "nap time" the other day by providing some new decor for the master bedroom. That kid sure knows how to put together a mean wall gallery. The Man and I will now be able to spend our evenings discussing great art and the esoteric meaning behind Littles' black masterpieces instead of actually sleeping.

  • Littles and I have been spending a lot of time working on his reading skills lately. By a lot, I mean we discuss phonics at lunch and call it a day. So, Monday I sent Littles to get a pot holder for me saying, "Pot holder, puh, puh, puh, pot holder. What letter starts the word 'pot holder'?" To which my extremely intelligent son responded, "P! You know what else starts with the letter P, Mom? Penis!" Phonics has scarred me for life.
  • In more exciting news, Bruiser and Bee have mastered the roll over (you really wanted to know this, didn't you?). Bruiser nabbed it first, but Bee couldn't stand Bruiser getting all the adulation and applause, so she manned up did it too--and was quite pleased with herself.  Bruiser thought he'd go for two just for good measure, but Bee was content to rest on her laurels afterward. I can now give myself a check mark for the week and stop playing classical music at them in desperation. Obviously, they are halfway to Harvard (possibly alongside Littles with his masterful new spelling skills).
  • We've all been a little mopey with the Man gone again. Tiny, especially, has been spending a lot of time hugging on the dog saying, "Are you missing Daddy, Trigger?" And yes, he probably is missing the Man, because, let's be honest, he got left with me.
  • Tiny has finally mastered his bike riding skills, and the five of us took the dog for a walk Monday that actually provided me with exercise. Pushing the twin stroller and speed walking after two maniac bikers (cue Wicked Witch of the East theme song) turned out to be a decent work out, even if we didn't make it very far. Today, though, the boys informed me that they wanted to take the double stroller this time instead of the bikes. I'm not sure where they expected me to put the twins as I haven't yet figured out how to baby wear them both simultaneously. Can we take bets about whether or not I could pull off pushing two strollers at one time?
  • I'll close with this. This is a picture of my new favourite tortillas. Because really, how could I not buy these when they have a cute little mascot to provide pronunciation help for what was obviously a very bad choice in brand name?

And with that: Happy Wednesday!


  1. I chuckled when you were leaving the house the other day because I know how you feel about all that candy. At least I didn't hand each of them an open bag on their way out of the house. I thought about it. :)

  2. The demonstration of "P" word knowledge is exactly the kind of stuff that makes me wonder about my ability to handle little boys! I was given some practice while babysitting a two year old boy (I still baby sit him, but he seems to have set aside his own fascination with p-words), but I'm still not sure about this. Hah. However, I love your stories about your boys and figure, if you have three of them and have survived, perhaps I can handle my one. :) love reading these and seeing pictures--you're basically superwoman. Just so you know.

  3. So thankful you had a fun day AND wrote this fun blogpost. Tim and the beater is CLASSIC, and the boys and the cookies is revealing of their fun personalities. Didn't realize Tim loves M&M's!