Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shenanigans Abound

It might just be time for another picture post. At the very least, I can finish out my Wednesday night by sitting in the recliner in the dark (too lazy to get up to turn the light on) and providing you with cute pictures of my kids. Hopefully the sugar from the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I just ate will kick in soon and jumpstart my brain so that I can add in some explanatory captions.

The boys were "camping" in the back yard. I'm not sure what exactly the chairs are for, but the umbrella is self-explanatory. I think… No one who's any one goes camping without a Thomas umbrella!

Well, there's no doubt that they enjoy each other.

This picture pretty much sums up my life. And yes, I was holding Bee while I took this, though I briefly considered laying her across Tiny and Littles' stomachs.

Littles said to me the other day, "Mom, I sure do love the twins." And in all honesty, it's hard not too. Even when they laugh so hard that they give you the crazy eyes.

Tiny insisted on opening every Easter egg before he would put them in his basket. I guess making sure that the loot was worth the effort he was putting forth.

Tiny refers to himself in this picture as Hummus Boy. He then asks me when he can be Hummus Boy again. Considering that, hygienically, it's not a great thing for him to shove his face directly in the hummus container (which is what happened here), I really hope Hummus Boy doesn't put in another appearance any time soon.

I wasn't huge on dolls growing up. Books were more my thing. But I have to say, I am having more fun playing dress up with Bee than I care to admit.

These boys like to play dress up too. With their little sister's hair bands. They thought they were hilarious. And all I can think is that Littles looks like a flapper.

Bruiser and Bee like to hold hands during diaper changes. It slays me.

Live from Ink Blots: it's Wednesday Night!


  1. Your photos make me happy. So fun to have a little peek into the daily craziness, and aww over just how cute your little people are while holding hands or playing dress up (even with hummus.)

  2. I have their cute faces open on my computer so that I can look at them when I need a break from budgets and concept notes and country strategy papers and planning my trip to West Darfur. The cuteness is out of control!

  3. They are all so precious. I can't wait until we get to come visit!