Sunday, October 17, 2010

International Baby

We've decided to start early with the Little Man. By which I mean that at the tender age of nine months, he's already had Mexican, Italian, Thai, Indian, Indonesian, and Chinese food. Considering that we didn't start solids til he was six months old, I feel that this is a big accomplishment on our part. However, today was when it really clicked how persistent we've been in our pint-sized globalization course.

Let me start by saying that the Man has an Indian food addiction. And follow by admitting that I tend to encourage it. And finish up with the fact that Littles loves him some chick peas and butter chicken. And today it all paid off. We are officially worthy of a ten percent discount at our Indian restaurant because we are there so often. Essentially, they now pay us to tip. Yay!

Unfortunately, now that Samrat, Cuisine of India, is our home away from home, we will be entirely more loath to go to our actual home after church instead of spending the Man's hard earned money on naan and curried goodness. Seriously, it was so good, Little Man tried to eat the table. Or maybe he's just teething.

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  1. You know that old saying "You're not really international until you've been to Yemen"? You need to really international-ify your baby. FedEx comes right to the mall near my Aden house.